Doctor Kalixus e Shivaxes Sarin, born Kalixus e Durgaxes Tabun, was the chief medical officer of HIXMS Oriflamme. Kalixus Sarin overcame a life of poverty to follow his uncle as a doctor for the Imperial Xaronese Navy.


Kalixus e Shivaxes Sarin, originally Kalixus e Durgaxes Tabun, was born in 3989 XE on Prantilles to Durgaxes e Indraxes Tabun and Khysilixa ei Paravaxes Sarin-Tabun. Kalixus Tabun was an honorary Xaronese of Prantillomite descent. Through his mother, Kalixus was a descendant of the last Chief Archon of the Prantillomite Confederacy. Kalixus had a brother and a sister, Garudaxus and Paravaxa, respectively. A low-ranking priest of the Hatragist Reformed Church, Durgaxes Tabun was a harsh father to Kalixus and his siblings. He believed any action his children took that deviated from church doctrine was a poor reflection on his fitness as a father and priest which harmed his chances of moving up the church hierarchy. Durgaxes' puritanical and careerist ways drove a vast wedge between him and Kalixus that grew worse with time.

Things reached a breaking point in 4004 XE. Kalixus' uncle, Dr. Shivaxes Sarin, offered to pay for Kalixus to attend an elite boarding school but his father refused the offer. Durgaxes did not want to admit that he was not financially capable of sending his son to the school and felt Shivaxes was taunting him. Kalixus was absolutely livid when he heard the news of what his father had done; the two fought more viciously than ever before. The fight had gotten so intense, Kalixus was kicked out of the house by his father and told never to return.

The outcast Kalixus was immediately taken in by his uncle who later adopted him when Durgaxes formally disowned him. The newly renamed Kalixus e Shivaxes Sarin excelled in his studies.

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