Kayla Simon Ford is a galactic marshal as well as serving as a small-time bounty hunter is a fictional character in Star Millennia and cousin of Sarah Jane Lockheart. Kayla grew up in the slums of Los Angeles which prompted her to train in the ways of martial arts in countering muggers and gangs that once threatened her in an alleyway but with one of their own men was killed by Kayla. She moved to Phoenix Arizona and joined the military at the age of 17. Kayla is caption of her cargo ship Amber's Dream.


Personality and traits

Kayla became tough in the streets of LA after she was nearly mugged by gangs at age 14 which resulted Kayla into killing one of them in self defense. Kayla later volunteered and spent her mid teens in boot camp in the Army which allowed her to experience the discipline in life. Kayla is also very no nonsense as she dislikes slacking off and laziness of others. She's highly alert and acts like a Sergent to her crew mates on her ship. Kayla can be often sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor with her gung ho attitude in which she earns respect by her crew members.

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