Founded 36th century XE
Capital Polis Raegar, Khorellia (official)

Polis Konstanthys, Rantor (Imperial throneworld)

Language Khorellian
Currency Aurean
Type of government constitutional monarchy
Head of state Khorellian Emperor
Head of government Praetor

Imperial Parliament

  • Senate (Upper House)
  • House of Tribunes (Lower House)
Judiciary Imperial High Court
"Rule Khorellia!"
—Khorellian battle cry

The Khorellian Star Empire was an interstellar state located in the Delta Octant of the Teggedon Spiral. The Khorellian Star Empire was the third most powerful state in the galaxy after the Xaronese Celestial Empire and the United Stars Federation.



The Khorellian Star Empire was created from the Khorellian Star Republic in the 36th century XE. Cosinga Dasyth, a space marshal in the Khorellian Republic Space Force, seized power in a coup d'etat. Dasyth initially vowed to relinquish his emergency powers as soon as the Khorellian Republic's war with the Kairetian Empire was concluded. However, once Kairet fell to his forces, Dasyth declared himself Khorellian Emperor after a plebiscite of dubious accuracy indicated the people desired him to remain in power.

Spinward-Antispinward Schism

In the 41st century XE, the Khorellian Star Empire had expanded to the point where imperial governance became unwieldy. As a result, Emperor Taigon III split the empire into two administrative zones. The spinward half of the empire would be administered from the throneworld of Myrascene, and the antispinward half of the empire would be administered from the throneworld of Rantor.

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