Ki'sa Confederacy
Founded 2031 (human calendar)
Headquarters Kin've
Habitants 9.9 billion
Official Language Tomb'eyū and Āln'as
- Protectorates
All 329 tribes and clans
-Colonies in Epsion Eridanii
Ki'sa symbol

Althoug there seems to be no official symbol, this one is a common sight in buildings and ships of the confederacy. The meaning is unknown.

The Ki'sa Confederacy is the largest, foremost, and most prominent international organization of the Ki'sa. The identified aims of the Confederacy was the achievement of lasting peace between all clans and tribes of the Ki'sa. The Confederacy was founded in the human year of 2031 after an almost century-long world war, to stop wars between Ki'sa tribes and clans, and to provide a platform for dialogue. Until the contact with human and the Ki'sa wars it demonstrated to be a bad copy of the UN since even after more than 100 years wars exploded every now and then between the Ki'sa, the arms race was still a concern (that's why they had a vast interstellar war fleet with rudimentary technology), hunger existed among the Ki'sa and dialogue was futile.

Since discovering in 2157, the KC has 329 members: 189 tribes and 140 clans. From its offices around Rakkuuna, the Confederacy decide on substantive and administrative issues in regular meetings held throughout the year. The only visible organ is an Office of War Affairs, that -before contact- regulated Ki'sa inner conflicts. The KC's most prominent position is that of the seat of the President of the War Affairs Office, which is commonly occupied by the strongest Ki'sa general of the most powerful tribe.

The role of the Confederacy since contact was the coordination and planning of a military -and subsequent- response to the Human race; although since the Ki'sa Wars its role has been reduced to reconstruction and development projects coordination.

The Ki'sa Confederacy Headquarters resides in international territory in Ban-Ūr (which was a major target during the wars), with further main offices at Kin've and Pet'a. The organization is now financed from assessed and voluntary contributions from its members and human humanitarian aid, and has two official languages:Tomb'eyū and Āln'as.

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