Kilrathian Democracy
Political information
Type of government

Representative Democracy

Head of State

Har'rish Nordath

Head of Government

Kor'nesh Karlith


Tar'tesh Karlith

Executive branch

High Guard

Legislative branch

High Council

Judicial branch

High Court

Societal information


Official language



Galactic Credits

Historical information
Date of establishment

4300 BC

One of the most powerful stellar nations, the Kilrathian Democracy is renowned for its merchants - and for its close association with the dreaded Calandrian Empire.


Size and location

Member species



Kilrathian Society

Kilrathian society is divided into castes. It is ruled dually by the High Lord, elected among the Arokan caste by his peers, and the High Council, chosen by the Kilrathian population. The High Lord is the head of state, and has veto right, while the head of the High Council is the head of government.


Kilrathian society is caste-based, with each caste specializing in a certain aspect of civilization, be it diplomacy, science or even warfare. It is possible to be promoted to another caste by doing a great service to the Kilrathian people.


The Arokan are the leaders of the Kilrathian Democracy, and are bred to act as politicians and generals.

The Jorun are pilots to a man. Trained for zero-gravity combat and educated in space battle tactics, the Corun serve as fighter pilots, starship crew and naval officers.

The Krast are the warriors of the Kilrathian Democracy, and are bred for battle. The Krast serve as commanders of the Kilrathian droid armies.

The Konor are engineers, and the caste are responsible for building everything necessary in the society. The Konor serve as architects and engineers, directing armies of droid workers.

The Tanor are merchants and bankers, and is responsible for the Kilrathian economy. The Tanor and their Jorun crews are the Kilrathians most likely to be encountered outside of Kilrathian territory.

Important Characters

Kilrathian Defence Force

Kilrathian High Command

Kilrathian Ground Corps

Kilrathian Starfleet

Known Vessels


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