The King of the Black Cluster was a royal title bestowed upon the male head of the House of Fretanya (ruled for its entire existence by the Meroturkian dynasty). The King of the Black Cluster ruled from the royal capital of Gerpolis, along the inner length of the Scutum-Centaurus Arm. The title existed independently for nearly two centuries before it was annexed during the campaigns of Emperor Orulia I in 2017. The last independent King to rule with this title was Wassar III Fretanya. Following the annexation, the title was added to the list of the many titles and honors rapidly being collected under the belt of the Urilian Emperor. Even after the Urilian Imperial Civil War and into the reign of Sajuuk I, the Black Cluster remained in control of the Urilian Empire.

If a female was to hold the title in the absence of any possible male holders, it would be known as the Queen of the Black Cluster. This only occurred twice in the history of the title.

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