The Korinka War lasted for three months and is also known as the Colonial War. However, it is one of the deadliest wars in history, killing 6 million people. In the end, a peace treaty was signed on the colony Korinka Sub X.

The Citellus Problem

Citellus, the newly discovered planet is the source of all of the commotion in this war. Doctor Alces, a renowned doctor, openly criticized the tourism and new popularity Citellus took away from all the space colonies. All the colonies agreed to the doctor, who lived on Korinka Sub X, and they all began preparing for war.


Space colonies, over the course of three to four days, stockpiled their weapons and trained militia. It was called the Summer of Shock, since this all happened in the months June to September.

The Battle Begins

The battle began when select military units from space colonies, disguised as pirates, went and attacked Fucus, one of the colonies on Citellus. Fucus, right in the middle of its vote for mayor, had one of its candidates murdered while on the stage delivering a speech. Later, the military went and attacked Port Rufus, the city of Gulo and Nivalis before they were stopped. The citizens of Citellus then somehow figured out that the space colonies were behind this and the entire planet also prepared for war.

The Plan

Major Pennati, a soldier from Citellus, devised a clever plan that would make it possible to cross the blockade created by the ships of the space colonists with as little casualties as possible. They went through the blockade in disguise as frightened tourists leaving the planet, and left their snake-infested baggages on the ships. The snakes, called Neotomae, were very venomous and killed many before the colonists realized what was happening. By that time, Major Pennati had already snuck through the blockade. Five years after the war, historian Mustela Gata wrote a book about the plan, how it was devised and what happened. The book became a bestseller and 30 million copies were sold.

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