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Kwaasgoomer, or Tau Ceti e,is a quite Earth-like planet with smaller size and the homeworld of the Kwaasgoomerian civilization.


Kwaasgoomer is a temperate world formed about 44 billion years ago on which life could flourish 40 billion years ago.The most remarkable among them is a sentient species known as Kwaasgoomerians.Kwaasgoomerians have a history of 2 million years,and 9000 years ago their earliest civilization formed.By early 20th century Kwaasgoomerian technology reached the spacefaring level.

Notable States

  • Federation of Lantez
    Map of Kwaasgoomer

    Global Map of Kwaasgoomer

  • United States of Taakwadoo
  • Democratic Republic of Yangdu
  • Empire of Greshmi
  • Confederacy of Holtem
  • Plislosfian Commonwealth
  • Republic of Gendiken
  • Republic of Tradibin
  • Holy Kingdom of Zarnan
  • Empire of Hersteo

Largest Cities

  • Kwaatoloi,capital of Taakwadoo,has a population of 30 million
  • Poitan,major city of Lantez,has the largest spaceport on Kwaasgoomer
  • Starimo,major city of Lantez,commercial center of Kwaasgoomer
  • Gwaazin,major city of Taakwado,has many famous temples and shrines
  • Pri Dontae,major city of Holtem,known for its typical tower-shaped Holtem architectures
  • Kengayjo,capital of Yangdu

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