Launcher Pacifica is a self-propelled semi-submersible mobile spaceflight launch platform converted from a mobile oil drilling platform in the 2010s. The vessel is currently used for equatorial Pacific Ocean launches. Not to be confused with Pacifica, the sea-faring floating city founded in the 2030s.


Sea launch platform Launcher Pacifica at Port of Long Beach

Brief History

After the increasing violent weather activity on the US East Coast, America's space program tried to find an alternative to launching from land. The Gulf Coast of the US was abandoned due to increasing hurricanes and tornadic activity.

2010s (under NASA)

Houston, TX (Mission Control). Cape Canaveral, FL (Primary launcher). Wallops, VA (Secondary launcher).

2020s (under WSEI)

Pasadena, CA (Mission Control). Vandenberg, CA (Primary launcher). Launcher Pacifica (Secondary launcher).

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