A list of stories of is a Star Frontiers series that focuses on a galactic Marshal named Sarah and other characters.


Main series

(Note: Some of the titles are not yet in order.)

Star Cop Saga: Chaos City

A Cry In The Dark

Sarah investigates a horrendous murder rape followed by a kidnapping of a 12 year old girl in New York.

(This will be a very graphic story)

A Tuscon Tale

Sarah and her partner travel to Arizona.

Road Rage

Sarah goes to a industrialized planet to hunt barbaric street gangs.

(Influenced and inspired by Mad Max)

A Dangerous Woman

The Unforgiven

Sarah travels to an Old West themed planet to hunt down a notorious outlaw.

Misc stories

The Star Warrior

The Hunters Moon

Machine Rage

Fire Road

Star Shot

Star Fury

A Gun For A Rope

Sarah hunts down an outlaw that may have been a cause for a murder of 20 Confederate generals.

Gun Blazers

Guns Of Justice

Many Galactic Marshal forces are being killed off in attempt to destroy the Justice system by the Black Star Consortium. Sarah and many others band together to face this threat.

Casualties: New York

A massive gang war has erupted on the streets of New York. Sarah and her friends find out who's behind the dreaded war game.

Casualties: Imperial City

A civil war embarks on the Empire's home world. The criminal alliance that staged the civil war of New York has suddenly sparked another war this time hitting the galactic super power on it's homeworld.

Dungeon Games (Part I)

Sarah is captured by a pirate group that plans to give her to the Blackstar Consortium. James Stark formulates a rescue mission.

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