A list of characters of The Star Millennia series.

Star Cop

Main characters

Sarah Jane Lockheart

  • Sarah is a Galactic Marshal and the primary protagonist of Star Cop as well as being a Special Forces veteran during Vietnam. Sarah signature handgun is the Beretta Auto 9 and a Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver. She drives a sleek and tough armored car as well as being captain of her starship The Blackheart

Micheal James Stacy

  • Sarah's partner and love interest. Stacy served as a Sergent for the United States Army during Vietnam and met Sarah during a briefing while on tour. Afterwards he became a Galactic Marshal as well as Sarah's partner. He uses a Colt M1911 and a sawn off shotgun.


  • a 13 year old computer hacker and Sarah's friend. Sparks was orphaned by Sarah after his parents were killed in plot of an assassination attempt that involved the murder of a United States senator who attempted to expose a drug ring under a crime lord. Sparks serves as the crew's programmer and co engineer of the Blackheart.

Lisa Marie Rose

  • Lisa is a mechanic of the Earth Alliance Navy Force and serving as partner to Sarah's brother Reese. She is an expert marksman in sniping skills as well as being an expert engineer.


Evelin Bishop

  • The head CEO of S.T.A.R.S and an expert political genius. Evelin also serves as an arch-nemesis to Sarah and will do anything to stop her vigilantism on corruption.

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