The Lord Master of the Grand Imperial Hunt was a ceremonial Xaronese court position responsible for the organization of the annual Grand Imperial Hunt. The highly coveted position was awarded by the Emperor of Xaron for a term of one year and was usually rotated between members of the Great Houses. 

Known Lord Masters

  • Britaxis e Khytaxes Tal'Vossik
  • Ganjiaxes e Kellaxus Tal'Xaron
  • Straxus e Ganjiaxes Tal'Xaron
  • Vallorixus e Tybrexus Tal'Havec
  • Straxus e Straxus Tal'Xaron
  • Rojixus e Thraxus Tal'Shiar
  • Thraxus e Seijixus Tal'Shiar

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