The enigmatic Lunus (plural term Luni) is a mystical object of cosmic origin.


A Lunus is a spherical object, with a texture described as smoothened bumps and edges. It constantly shines with white light, and it has appeared in a variety of colors. The extraterrestrial Ilaen noted that the Lunus has a shifting quantum-crystalline structure, and contains astronomical amounts of energy. According to legend, the Luni contain the loopholes, paradoxes and impossibilities of reality, and are incredibly volatile objects.

The name "Lunus" comes from a scholar in the 12th century who had recovered and studied one, describing the artifact as "the moon, in [his] hands."

Being in close proximity to a Lunus can affect their senses, causing disorientation. Luni are very sensitive, and physical contact with one can easily fragment it. On most occasions, Lunus shards function like a complete piece, but rarely, the energy within will leak out, causing catastrophic damage to the fabric of reality.

The dark side

The scholar Tiranus had noted that "like the Moon, the Lunus has a dark side". The dark side is a supernatural force which appears to be inimical to those who would mishandle the Luni. The nature of the dark side is very vague and open to speculation, indeed, characters have given their own theories about it, describing it as:

  • The Lunus as a sentient being
  • An entity guarding the relics
  • A phenomenon that occurs through the misuse of a Lunus
  • The opposite of a Lunus, bound to its twin by quantum entanglement

Whatever the dark side is, it is intent on protecting the Luni, and would kill anyone in order to prevent the chaotic energies of the artifacts from wreaking havoc on reality. Fortunately for wielders, it is possible to hide a Lunus from its dark side, allowing the holders to use the artifact without fear of cosmic retribution.


Luni have a wide variety of uses. The Neotech Corporation used a fragment to create mutant organisms on an island, Professor Marquis created his undead minions and altered himself with another shard, while the royal alchemist Krolen owned two complete Luni for use in his magical rituals. The Ilaen were in possession of many shards, which they used to power their ships and technology in search of a complete Lunus.

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