General Information




  • Cetacean




Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Average Height

100 cm

Average Weight

35 kg

Skin Colors

Dark green

Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Psychic Ability


Special Attributes
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination
  • Limited regeneration
Societal Information
Common Affiliations

M'shre Dominion

OOC Information


One of the more unusual species in the Gamma quadrant, the M'shre originate from the planet M'shra in the Kluth system. They discovered hyper drive technology in 2179, but did not begin major expansion until 2264. Between 2264 and 2351, the M'shre colonized some 200 planets.

The M'shre had no prior conception of other lifeforms before 2352, when the Shammatans invaded their territory. Faced with battle-hardened warriors, the M'shre was forced back and lost half their territory to the Shammatans. But in 2357, they retaliated in force. Large numbers of M'shre "bio-ships" assaulted the Shammatans, and in 2360 the Shammatans retreated, leaving the M'shre in peace.

Since 2360, the M'shre has fought many of the other species in the Gamma quadrant, including the Calandrians and the Kilrathians. All have been defeated by the "bio-ships" of the M'shre.

An encounter between the M'shre and the Qutan in 2612 has led to a friendship between these two species that last until today.

The M'shre utilizes a form of biological technology. Their ships and weapons are "grown" for the role they are to take. According to Federation sources, a Dreadnought - the largest M'shre vessel - takes an astounding 7 years to "grow". As a result, the M'shre has access to technologies unknown to any other species. All their ships, from the largest Dreadnought to the smallest fighter, utilizes Cloaking Devices.

Physically, the M'shre has a roughly humanoid head and torso on a tripedal base. The dominant skin color is green. According to gene research of dead specimens, the M'shre warriors are "bred" like their vessels, creating powerful, fast and lethal opponents.

The M'shre was first encountered by the Star Federation in 3136, when the Wellington was forced to crash-land on a M'shre planet. Relations between the Federation and the M'shre are friendly, and Federation vessels are allowed to traverse M'shre territory, an honour usually accorded only to the ubiquitous Qutan.

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