Malloraxes e Uriaxus e Daimaojixus tal Medraut, also known as Malloraxes the Traitor, Malloraxes Oath-breaker, Malloraxes Kin-slayer, among many other epithets, was a half-brother of Straxus the Conqueror. Once one of Straxus' leading generals, Duke Malloraxes let his lust for power lead him to rebel against his brother in what became known as Medraut's Rebellion. Both Malloraxes and Straxus died in the Battle of the Quisson. By the 41st century XE, the name Malloraxes was a byword for traitor.


Malloraxes e Uriaxus tal Medraut was born in the Kingdom of Udrek in 33 BXE. His father, Duke Uriaxes, was the uncle of King Hypaxes Dragonheart and one of the leading generals of the kingdom. The young Malloraxes idolized his father and eagerly awaited the time when he would join the royal army. These halcyon days came to an abrupt end when his father was arrested for high treason in 26 BXE. Although he was innocent of the crime, Uriaxes was tortured by the Royal Censorate until he confessed. The duke was forced to commit suicide lest his entire family share his fate. Immediately afterward, his mother married the king and gave birth to Prince Straxus e Hypaxes the next year.

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