(translates as Vess=Father, Malten= people of Maltenvess. Also known as the Red Scar during the Spiteful Wars due to its jarring Scarlett visage apparently ruining the horizon. Also known as The Turquoise Titan, less openly due to it definitely being red, not purple)

Maltenvess is a huge industries planet, with a long and lrge empire history, and was, and remains, one of the major players in galactic affairs.

It is situated in the Rool System (formally the Mighty Malten System), but its influence and footprint have extended much further.

Geography and Biology

A brittle, but generally agreeable giant, its primary physical characteristic would be its deep (human) blood-red shade. This is a combination of its red rocks, red-smoky atmosphere and the common special of red paint at hardware stores. The planet is almost entirely craggy rock with deep, damp, dense ravines. However, There are small pockets of lone, leafless pines almost forgotten by the modern world.

The atmosphere is oxygen-rich, due to the large amounts of minute airborne algae that adds to the planets red color.

Wildlife on Maltenvess is numeous but due to its almost uniform identical geography throughout the planet, is limited to just a handful of species. The more iconic include Bette, Pargam, Maltenrays, Rue Rye and Sails.

Sentient beings, and the dominant creatures of the planet, are Seoul, Hey-Zyn and Refi Rljoh Roaumg. Unusually, each of the three species developed civilizations on the sides of the ravines independently. Realizing they were better to join then war, the population nowadays is made of a even mix between the three.

1. Seoul: Flattened heads, pudgy bodies, with bubblegum pink skin and string/straw hair

2. Hey-Zyn: Flattened heads, pudgy bodies, with patchwork brown and red skin and no hair. yes are bigger and more bulbous then Seoul's, but the two are basically the same species and years of interbreeding have produced all sorts of combinations

of the two.

3. Refi Rljoh Roaumg: A skinnier, slightly taller and a whole lot more bird-like, they are a completely different species to the others. However, they rub shoulders (or whatever they call it) comfortably, and there are many life-partners with the other species.


Very industrious, huge cities populate the landscape, much of them built within the deep canyons that make up much of the planets surface.

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