Biology and Appearance

Mamollitions are humanoids who inhabit the tundra forests of planet, Mamollitia. Using their sentient inteligence, they were able to create the natural Mamollition language, construct homes and tribes from thier surroundings and srvive by hunting and gathering. They also have bad vocal cords so it is usually difficult to learn an intergalactic language that is different from their own. An adult Mamollition is fairly tall, standing naturally 8 ft. They normally have thick shades of brown, wooly fur all over their bodies. At the center of each Mamollition's face, there is a small, hairy trunk laying from the nose to the chin. There are tusks on the cheek areas that reach down to the knees. The life expectancy of a Mamollition is normally 500 years. As they grow older, the grow silver on their backs.

Society and Culture

Although Mamollitions seem primitive, they are extremely powerful with technology. After some other species came to the planet with gifts, the Mamollitions gained the memory to reverse engineer enough fighters, cursors, friggites, destroyers and starships to venture out to other worlds and create new lives. They are very traditional about their culture. The always have rituals every season solstice, every opening of a hunt and every year's end to bring good luck and tidings to their kind. If one does not show up to a ritual, that one is exiled from his or her tribe for 3 years. There is many dancing, praising and feasting in a ritual. When one Mamollition is born, he or she is inspected by a tribe elder. If the newborn is considered to be imperfect, it is thrown into the river and drowned. Many more traditions and laws also apply to a Mamollition's every day life.

Mamollitions in the Galaxy

Since the first expedition in the universe, the Mamollitions made a huge fortune and reputation in the galaxy. Because they were able to be good with technology and curcuitry, many of them made technitions and engineers. Also because they have a connection to the Ora, some of them became fortune tellers at intergalactic fairs. Even thought there are many professions in the galaxy, many of them choose to stay on their home planet and become either a warrior, gatherer or, if they have the birthright, a village elder.

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