Political information
Type of government

Politico-economic union/Democratic Socialism


Mandaron principles

Head of State



General Andres

Executive branch

Order of Three

Legislative branch

Council of States

Judicial branch

Mandaron Judiciary

Societal information


Official language

Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, English


Mandaron Dollar (Ω)

State religious body

Christianity, Atheism, Islam


Anthems of all Nation-states

Historical information
Date of establishment


The Mandaron Union is a Politico-economic union of Democratic socialist states formed as a result of the European Crisis in 2018-2022.

It was made up of Portugal, Spain and Turkey, all of which were the most poverished nations during the Crisis.


In 2018 the continuous break up and increase of instability in the European Union caused an economic collapse throughout the Continent. The European Crisis went on an international level due to the vast amount of overseas economic connections.

In 2019 a Dutch millionaire visited Barcelona, being overwhelmed by the horrible conditions of the poverished city he founded the Salvation Party which followed a form of Democratic Socialism and a economic system known as Salvenomics. The party gained immense popularity amongst the targeted nations (Portugal, Spain and Turkey) eventually gaining seats in their governments.

In 2020 Spain converted to the Salvation Party and evidently Salvenomics, Spain's went from a gdp per capita of 27,000 to 35,000 by late that year. This large-scale show of success lead to the subsequent formation of the Union in 2021.

The immense economic uprising and opulence created from the Union and Salvenomics ended the Crisis in 2022. By now the Mandaron Union had an average gdp per capita of 105,000 and a total gdp of 15 trillion dollars.

In the same year the Thallasocracy was formed, a confederacy of maritime associations, natives, etc. within Union waters it ended up becoming the powerfulest naval power in the world and the main monitoring force of Union water.

In 2024 the Utopian Ministry/Movement was formed, it created (as of present day) 3 megacities which were self-sustained, high-tech and truly Utopian. They brought in nearly 35% of the nations wealth and contained 70% of the nations UHNWI.

2027 marked the eradication of all extremist threats to the Nation-states and thus an era of peace in the Union and surrounding region. Nevertheless in 2030 the terror group known as The Realist came into existence. They claimed their agenda was unraveling the economic powerhouse which is the Mandaron Union. Although this ridiculous agenda made the group ridiculed, overlooked and dwindle in underground support.

In February 2031 The Realist suddenly gained support from the terror group Tulip and became a more of a threat when its attwcka become more profound and frequent. With the Mandaron Era of Peace now over the Mandaron Union and the Thallasocracy constantly battle the terrorizing and political warfare on a all-terrain level.

In May 2031 the President of the Mandaron Union was given the position as one of the richest UHNWI in the world with a net worth of 43 billion dollars. Also the same month The Realist attacked the Presidents family estate causing 15 injuries, although the hopefully emotional effects were non-existent.

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