The Mare (pronounced M-Air) are an unholy race of creatures. They are a scourge that lives to consume prey.


The Mare originate from the nightmares of others, spawning from the Dream-Scape. Their are many forms of Mare as every nightmare is different and so if every Mare. They travel the universe, consuming all life to sustain their own and then move on to their next victim planet.


Although their are many varieties of Mare, they all share common traits.

Feeding Habits

Mare must feed or die. If a Mare does not consume food for 3 days it will die. They consume life force, once a victim has been drained of life force, the only thing left is the horrors of the victims life, resulting in them becoming a mare. If their are no more victims for the Mare to consume, they flee the planet. During travel, the mare do not require food.


Although their are many varieties of Mare, they can be categorized into three main types. Within each type their are many sub-types.


The standard mare stands slightly higher than a human being, they travel by sneaking up on prey. They are easily avoidable by knowledgeable survivors, but travel in large numbers.


The Terrors are named after night-terrors, a type of nightmare so disturbing that it can effect the victim even after the dream ends. The Terrors are demonic creatures that grow from mares that have consumed a large amount of life-force over time. They are extremely large, fast and powerful. Some even have psychic powers. They are the only mare to show any form of inteligence and are often seen commanding and controlling lesser mare.


The Horrors do not spawn from victims of the mare. Instead they originate strait from the Dream-Scape itself, making them very rare. All Mare originate from the horror, and it acts as the main travel vessel for the mare. Horrors appear to be an organic asteroid that crashes into a planet, and leaves once their is no more life force to consume. If the Horror is destroyed, the mare will die. It is believed that the Horror communicates to the Terrors, giving them orders.

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