Maser weaponry are maser-based ranged weapons used by many forces in the universe. Laser weapons fire a single coherent ray of electro-magnetism. The beam is always invisible. Some species uses masers in place of lasers, although the principle is similar.

Like lasers, maser weapons are relatively easy to produce and maintain. They require no solid ammunition, have few moving parts, and use power cells which can be recharged or quickly swapped with a fully-charged power cell. This makes them ideal for distribution among large numbers of men. While the accuracy of a maser is not being distorted by wind unlike projectile weapons, it can be diffused by heavy particles in the air such as smoke and thus a maser can dissipate over long distances.

Maser weapons come in all shapes and sizes, from pistol-sized weapons to massive crew-served maser cannons used in the anti-tank role.

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