Maximilian III was the 52nd emperor of the Solarian Empire known for his controversial lifestyle.


Accession to the Throne

Maximilian gained the throne in 4254 after his brother, Agamemnon IV, died in battle. It soon became apparent that Maximilian was unsuited to the task. In the fifth year of his reign, Maximilian had the entire British isles evacuated to make room for a giant game preserve.


Maximilian III has gone down in history as one of the most corrupt emperors in the history of the Empire. Maximilian nearly bankrupted the Empire with his lavish lifestyle, spending billions of Solars resurrecting the extinct polar bear. Maximilian stifled popular discontent on Earth by throwing lavish spectacles, bleeding the colonies dry in the process. The lowest point of his reign came when Maximilian sold the Crimean Sector-Grid to the Terra Secundans in 4290 to cover his gambling debts.

The Samuels Revolt

While some admirals were willing to look the other way while Maximilian brought the Empire crashing down, Nathan Samuels was not one of those men. In 4309, Samuels declared himself Emperor Nathan I and established Odoacer as his capital. Several regional governors sided with him including the governors of Palmyra and Rassilon, two governors previously loyal to Maximilian.

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