McCarron's Armoured Cavalry
General information

Alex McCarron




Cypra Mundi

Historical information

3023 AD

Other information

McCarron's Armoured Cavalry are one of the most feared mercenary units in the galaxy. Its members are trained in man-to-vehicle and man-to-MAU combat, and many a seemingly lost campaign has been won by the intervention of the Cavalry. McCarron's Armoured Cavalry are called the Spirit Hunters by the Calandrians. The unit uses armoured vehicles of various origin.

The Cavalry was formed a few years into the Calandrian-Federation War, when retired Outworlds Alliance army colonel Arthur McCarron saw an opportunity to make a living. He recruited other veterans, formed three companies of armoured cavalry, offered his services to the Star Federation, and the rest is history.

During all three League Wars, the Cavalry was employed by members of the Argosian League, though this was more by accident than by design.

The unit consists of 10 companies - roughly 1,000 - elite troops.

The Cavalry are currently deployed on Cypra Mundi, alongside the Orphan Brigade.

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