Mesozoic Island (Location) is the island that is featured in the Mesozoic Island Films. The island supports prehistoric life from the Mesozoic, including dinosaurs, reptiles, and other prehistoric beast.


A landmass formed in the Northern Atlantic Ocean in the late Triassic, that was surrounded by a magnetic field. The landmass was attached to most of the continents until 65 million years ago, when the KT extinction occurred. The landmass broke into a large island, and the magnetic field surrounding the island protected the dinosaurs from the mass extinction. Overtime, the magnetic field hid the island. Today, the island was hidden by the force. The location of this force is now know as the Bermuda Triangle.

Why it was Lost

Humans who were fortunate to survive the island told stories about large animals who "Were larger than any known animal...", but these stories were quickly dismissed as false claims. Others have went in search for the "Lost World", and never returned. In the Bermuda Triangle, many ships and planes have vanished, never the be seen again. Twice a year, a huge storm surrounds the island, which is very deadly to cross. Throughout the rest of the year, thick clouds in the troposphere cover the island from above, making it impossible for satellites in space to track.


Mesozoic Island is not only the home to dinosaurs, but also to large air and sea reptiles. The magnetic force around the island kept the animals from leaving. A theory is that the magnetic force would harm animals from entering it, therefore, the animals were trapped. However, there are still reports of prehistoric creatures being spotted from around the world. It's possible they are some of the creatures that escape the island.


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