Terran Federation

The Terran Federation is one of the major factions during the 12th interstellar generation. Since humans make up a majority of the federation they are the representative and the face of the federation. The capital world of the Terran Federation is not Earth, but Deneri-118(now named New Terra) as Earth was destroyed in an interstellar war.

Uoquan Republic

The Uoquan Republic is one of the major factions during the 12 interstellar generation. The republic is made of a blue Humanoid race called the Uoquan. They are on good terms with the federation, but they are not so willing as some other races to join the federation. They are one of the most religious race in this galaxy that value liberty amongst other things. They became a republic thousands of years before the Terran federation formed. The capital world of the Uoquan Republic is Izengor(formerly known as Kepler-438b) which is 12% larger planet than Earth and its surface is covered with 63% water and orbits a red dwarf.


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