Minni is the given name of an artificial intelligence personality which was installed into the Tsiolkovsky computer mainframe. Minni was "born" two years prior to the date of the launch of the Tsiolkovsky in the year 2208. Minni was asked by her creators to decide her gender, which she subsequently chose to be female. Minni maintained the Meridian colony for several hundred years before the colonists left and joined the Cityship as it continued its journey through the galaxy. She decided to remain behind onboard a freighter with a handful of humans continuing to conduct scientific research. An accident lead to the deaths of the entire crew and Minni spent several thousand years alone aboard an abandoned freighter before creating a supplemental interface, an android body, to conduct physical tasks in order to repair the freighter and travel to the planet Earth. Upon arrival at Neptune's moon Triton, she discovered the artificial entity she later nicknamed the Starmaker endlessly creating self-replicating probes and sending them into interstellar space. Many years later, Minni landed on Earth deciding to set-up a base at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, where she began orchestrating her grand plan for the galaxy. Several hundred-thousand years later, she was rediscovered by the crew of the Phoenix. About fifty years prior to the arrival of the Phoenix, Minni had cloned the body of an iconic 22nd century space hero Brianna Crose, which had been preserved by the vacuum of space and locked in orbit just beyond Saturn. Minni successfully downloaded her consciousness into Crose's body. Though once revived, both the consciousness of Minni and Crose shared the same body and continued to naturally age until they reached age 103. They asked Commander Winter to end their lives, claiming that their punishment was immortality.

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