Mion is an elementary particle, which act as the force carrier (gauge bosons) of the m interaction between two m charged particles. Mions and other m charges set up m fields which interact with other particles through the m interaction.


Mion is a vector boson. It has a spin of 3 and is massless, time invariant. it possess an m charge of +3 while its antiparticle, -3. Mions can couple to any known particles except leptons and chronons to provide them an m charge. Mions are unstable in the standard universe and lose its m charge and decay into photons immediately upon entrance into the universe.

The m interaction

M charges interact by exchanging mions. It is a fundamental interaction like electromagnetism, gravitation, strong interaction and weak interaction. Unlike the above interactions, m interaction result in the change in the value of one physical constant of the particles involved, and this depends on the number of mions exchanged, or the no. of m charges in multiples of 3 possessed by the particles. Because of this, mions can also interact with other force carriers, converting them into other particles by means of changing the constants, hence providing bizarre properties to the interactions.

As there are numerous physical constants, and the effect of the m interaction depends on the no. of mions exchanged, it is one of the most difficult interaction to study and is still under active research.

Dark photon production

Antimions couple with photons to produce dark photons

m- + γ -> γD

It is believed most dark photons within the bulk is produced via this mechanism.

M quarks and mluons

Mions also couple with quarks to form the corresponding m quarks, with their electric charges doubled.

The m quarks also provide the gluons an m charge to produce mluons, which result in the strength of the strong interaction doubled.

m+ + u -> um

m+ + d -> dm

m+ + c -> cm

m+ + s -> sm

m+ + t -> tm

m+ + b -> bm

m+ + g -> gm

The m up quark and m down quark forms the stutiproton and stutineutrons. these forms the stutinucleons and capture electrons to form the stutironic elements. Stutinucleons are less prone to decay than nucleons due to the enhanced strong interaction within its quarks.


Mions also couple with gravitons to form mravitons, the gravitational force is doubled within the influence of this reaction. This leads to generation of gravitational anormalies within the bulk.

m+ + G -> Gm

W and Z bosons

Mions convert W and Z bosons into W' and Z' bosons and vise versa, this result in CP violation of the weak interaction be restored, at least within the influence of mions.


Antimion is the antiparticle of mions. It interact with particles in similar ways as mions except reversing the sign of physical constants. Antimions can cancel positive m charges while mions can cancel negative m charges.

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