"For the first time in my life, my Xaronese half and my Tycaran half are in complete agreement: the Federation must be wiped out, no matter the cost."
—Monaxus e Britaxis Dakar

Monaxus e Britaxis Dakar was the executive officer of HIXMS Oriflamme in the 51st century. Dakar harbored a deep hatred of the United Technates Federation after his family was killed in the Battle of Tycara. Monaxus Dakar was often held up as an exemplary naval officer, his adherence to the naval code was almost religious in nature. This naturally put him into conflict with his commanding officer, the wildcard Rojixus e Thraxus tal Shiar.


Early years

Monaxus e Thraxus was born in 5017 IXE on Tycara, the only son of Britaxis e Jenaxus Dakar and his Tycaran wife Maraxa ei Dravixus Ren-Dakar. Dakar had a younger sister, Senrixa ei Britaxis Dakar, whom he was particularly close to. As a youth, Monaxus Dakar displayed an artistic talent that he was quite proud of. However, this all changed in 5032 IXE when the United Technates Federation launched an attack on Tycara. Among the twelve million dead in the resulting Battle of Tycara was Monaxus Dakar's parents and sister. Dakar himself received extensive injuries that required extensive regeneration treatments. After an extensive convalescence, Dakar decided to enlist in the Trask Combine Security Force to avenge his family.

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