The Monster Empire is a fictional organization in the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet, which is made up of many of the world's strongest corporations. They were responsible of creating many chimeras and superpowered beings. They are also the first and primary antagonists of the series.


About seventy years ago, some big corporations have been researching about the demons that came to planet Earth and studied them to see if they can create superpowered creatures. The corporations banded together as the Monster Empire. The Empire started by using animals for experiments of turning them into obedient demons. Then they started experimented on humans to safely give themselves superpowers.


All the generals have a common goal to take over the world. However, some were doing this for different reasons and have different methods of taking over the world.

Major Leaders

Minor Leaders

Other Members


  • Professor Wilder was the weakest major leader, even though he wasn't the newest one.

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