These rovers were manufactured in Houston and sent to Cape Canaveral in 2043 to help build the Moonshine city.


A robo custom arm controlled by the astro-builder team to add buildings and structres. The arm has four tool endings,each with a anti-pressure finish.

Jack Hammer

This was used to put in metal nails and to load jacks into the ground.

Screw Ranger

This was used to put in steel screws and to rotate small objects.

Super Plyers

A plyer that could ply out some amazeing things.

Tool box

Holds extra tools, jacks,nails,etc.

parts continued


The cockpit is the same as a golfcart except it has controls for the Robo custom arm.


The tires are comparable to a tractor except that it allows the rover to go on walls.


The engine is really an advanced nitro-car machine that lasts for a while.

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