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Logo of the moonbase
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Moonbase Alpha is an upcoming television series that follows the inhabitants of a moonbase on the Earth's Moon that is inexplicably pulled out of orbit by an unknown extrasolar source and taken on a journey throughout the cosmos.

This series is a remake of the British television series Space: 1999 that ran from 1975-1977.

Lunar Space Research Organization
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  1. Commander John Koenig (USA), presumptive leader of Moonbase Alpha after the death of Anton Gorski.
  2. Doctor Helena Russell (USA), head of Medical Section.
  3. Captain Alan Carter (AUS), third-in-command, chief pilot.
  4. Paul Morrow (UK), second-in-command, Main Mission controller and base executive officer.
  5. Tony Verdeschi (EU/Italy), head of security and Command Center controller
  6. Sandra Benes (UK), data analyst
  7. Tanya Alexander (RU), base operations officer
  8. David Kano (UK), computer operations officer
  9. Bob Mathias (UK), Helena's deputy at Medical Section.
  10. Professor Victor Bergman (UK), chief science advisor on Moonbase Alpha.

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