Biographical Information


Date of Birth

Around 105000 years ago

Date of Death

2037 AD (temporarily)

Physical Description





6' 4"

Hair Color


Eye Color


Personal Information

Moran army


Whole dimensions


Stone of Khofu

Fighting Styles

Melee and Ranged


Intergalactic destruction and chaos


The Mothership

Political Information
OOC Information

Khofus Legend

Mora was an inderdimensional entity retaining a demigod status. He's known as a terrorist because of holding words, even galaxies, at ransom, conquering galaxies, and causing the deaths of possibly one trillion or more people.


126,000 some years ago Mora was born on his Homeworld. Born a superhuman his immediate destiny was becoming a supervillian. He terrorized his galaxy as a super villain for 2,100 years, this is when he discovered the legendary and ancient Stone of Khofu, an arrowhead-shaped stone with a spell on it which makes its next wielder have the same powers the demigod Khofu was.

Disliking the idea of devastating his dimension, he went to two other dimensions, killing countless billions and creating fortifications and interstellar kingdoms amongst countless galaxies. His reign lasted until 76,573 years ago when he arrived to the Deros (our) Dimension.

He caused devastation for 3,432 years until a Human Progenitor superhuman briefly held the stone and gained an "ultra-human" status, causing the progenitor to be able to injure Mora long enough to be imprisoned and locked up in a specialized "god-proof" cell inside the intergalactic prison starship Io'malva.

His stone was launched far into space where hopefully no one would find it. Eventually, after 5,287 years, it landed on a planet, but after 1,364 years that planet was destroyed by a rouge black hole and was slingshotted, coincidentally, to Earth, landing here in 645 BCE.

Mora stayed imprisoned for 24,345 years, although he constantly manipulated the time in his cell, the only power he had left in his "god-proof" cell, causing him to believe only 3,500 years had passed.

Finally, after millennia of plotting, he was able to escape Io'malva and destroyed it. And on that note he left for Earth, but while searching for his archenemy, the Human Progenitor for a final, and most likely inevitable doom, let earth in a state of geological chaos which left it in its contemporary geography. After killing off all life on earth, he realized how much time had really passed and subsequently that his opponent was dead.

The next 48796 years he continued building kingdoms within the Milky Way Galaxy, but due to its location and the intimidation of Moran Empire and the Moran Army, all the regional inhabitants left, a suggested answer to the Fermi paradox.

Mora discovered the stone to be on Earth, specifically somewhere on the Indian Subcontinent after one of his probes discovered a ancient Hindu text which clearly described the Stone. Went to earth, held it for ransom, killing 15 million in the process and retrieving the stone from the laboratory it was held in.

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