Morality charge is a charge which generates morality fields in universes where morality is physical.

Intrinsic morality charge

Intrinsic morality charge indicates the intensity of positive or negative thoughts in a sentient being.

Non sentient beings has an intrinsic morality charge of zero.

Negatons have an intrinsic morality charge of -1 while posatons are 1.

Utlilty morality charge

Morality index

Morality index is an indicator of the effects when an entity is utilized. A negative index means the entity cannot be utilized to do beneficial things, while a positive index means the entity cannot be misused. All entities except the Tripole, which has a negative index, have an index of zero, which means they act as double edged swords and can be misused and/or do beneficial things.

Utility morality charge

Utility morality charge is the value obtained by integrating all morality effects when an entity is utilized in various ways, or the total intrinsic morality charge possessed by an sentient being. It is more general than the morality index. A wide collection of utility morality charge forms the universal morality scale.

Grey area properties of the entities, have a value depending on its greyness. absolute grey has a zero value contribution.

Strictly speaking, utility morality charge is not a physical charge but a scale to show the degree of good or evil effects of an entity when utilized.

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