Morphers is a science fiction book series created by Lim Jiehao. It is inspired by the book series Animorphs.

The series is about five high school students who had their DNAs mutated which gives them the ability to change into any lifeforms they want through will.


  • Five teenagers ( Reuben,Rachel,Nick,Caleb,and Noah )kidnapped by a scientist named Adam and had their DNAs merged with animals and other species such as insects. They are given the ability to change and take the form of other living creatures, including humans.However,before they could be brainwashed into soldiers, they managed to escape the facility and soon learn about Adam's plan. Together, they form the team known as Morphers and vow to save the world.



Reuben-The leader and the oldest member of the team.He is responsible and cares for his teammates' well-being. His main battle morph is a lion. 

Rachel-The first female member and second-in-command. She usually tries to solve problems peacefully. Her main battle morph is a jaguar.

Nick- The third member of the team. Nick is often the relaxed and laid-back member of the team. As a result, he is often viewed as not being serious to be a Morpher. Despite this, he tends to be a capable fighter under dire situations. His main battle morph is an alligator.

Caleb- He is the fourth member of the team. He is often brash and impulsive, often willing to do things on his own and not listen to Rueben's instructions. Later in the series, he develops a relationship with Rachel, but is all revealed to be all an act, as he betrayed the team to join Adam for power . He later turns against Adam and defeats him, but is seemingly killed in an act of sacrifice in the process. His main battle morph is a cheetah.

Noah- The fifth member of the team. He is a silent, but a serious prodigy who excels in fighting. His main battle morph is a tiger.





Morpher clones


Simon Chimare


Morpher clones


Paul- Nicholas' old friend




List of Morphers books

  1. Five
  2. Choice
  3. Reflex
  4. Impulse
  5. Mutiny
  6. Unity
  7. Paths
  8. Witness
  9. Soldier
  10. Insight
  11. Withdrawn
  12. Uncovered
  13. Siding
  14. Identity
  15. Alliance
  16. Contact
  17. Suspect
  18. Impersonation
  19. Counterpart
  20. Showdown
  21. Membership
  22. Betrayal
  23. Distant
  24. Infiltration
  25. Nemesis
  26. Hero
  27. Four
  28. Six
  29. Six
  30. Dissension
  31. Trust
  32. Flashback
  33. Lost
  34. Knowing
  35. Inspection
  36. Fulfillment
  37. Qualification
  38. Exposed
  39. Fugitive
  40. Revelation
  41. Enmity
  42. Indication
  43. Truce
  44. Reckoning
  45. Attachment
  46. Importance
  47. Guidance
  48. Secluded
  49. Resurgence
  50. Unfold
  51. Truth
  52. Conclusion

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