Founded 33rd century XE (approximate)

Torrek City, Bessar Prime

Language Bessaric
Currency Bessaran Aurean
Type of government republic (defacto dictatorship)
Head of state
  • President of the Bessaran Republic

Bessaran Congress

  • Senate (upper house)
  • House of Representatives (lower house)
Judiciary Supreme Court of the Bessaran Republic

The Most Serene Republic of Bessar, commonly known as the Bessaran Republic, was a breakaway state founded by Dagon Torrek in 33rd century XE. Although it claimed to be a democratic federal republic, the Bessaran Republic was actually an authoritarian kleptocracy ruled by the Torrek crime family. The Bessarans believed their republic was destined to expand until it ruled the galaxy.



The Most Serene Republic of Bessar was created by the crime lord turned revolutionary Dagon Torrek in the 33rd century when his forces overthrew the last Raantorian Emperor, Drungarius IV. Upon the ouster of the unpopular usurper, Torrek sent the Raantorian crown jewels to the Khorellian Emperor and proclaimed the creation of a new republic governed from his headquarters on Bessar Prime. 

Four Powers War

During the Four Powers War, the Bessaran Republic was allied with the Khorellian Empire against the Drungarian Empire and the Stellar Kingdom of Jion.

Government and politics

Although the Serene Republic of Bessar claimed to be a federal democratic republic, it was in fact a repressive dictatorship ruled by the Torrek family.

Executive branch

The executive branch was composed of the Bessaran President, his cabinet, and all federal agencies. The president was elected by popular vote for a term of six Bessaran years. Since the foundation of the Republic, all presidents have been members of the Torrek family. The president usually served for life through a series of show elections but some chose to step down and retire before then. If the president died before the end of his term or was otherwise incapacitated, the vice president would assume presidential powers until the next elections where he would usually become the next president.

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