The enigmatic mothmen are cosmic harbingers, appearing in places where events of significance will occur. They are the familiars of the three Fate Sisters, but also serve other time-related entities such as Moros and Ananke.


The mothmen are ancient, but are rarely seen across the universe, only appearing here and there just before an event (usually catastrophic ones) occur. The most well-known sighting of these dark beings was in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1970s. One particular individual appeared in the area months before the collapse of the Silver Bridge. It was during this frenzy of sightings that the name "Mothman" was given. The term has then extended to all entities of the same species. Mothman sightings still occur, and they all mean the same thing; something big is coming.


Mothmen are seven feet in height, with a wingspan of up to fifteen feet. They are humanoid in appearance, with massive moth-like wings and are completely jet black. They have no head, their large shining red eyes are on their chest. They are fast and silent flyers, with incredible agility. Their strange appearance makes them frightening to most, but they are rather harmless. They perceive time differently, being able to see multiple future events at any given time. This is why they appear in places long before the event occurs, because at that point, the event has already passed in their perspective. They are able to move across time and space, but rarely do so to preserve the timeline.

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