General information
Organization type

Utopian Alliance


Professor 0



Notable members

5,217,345,143 citizens 1,653,724,455 Droids





Historical information


Other information
The Municipality System was a multinational alliance, programme/corporation which practically controlled the New World.


The Municipality System was founded in 2053, 3 years after The Final War in response to the biological and demographic damages to mankind.

Professor 0, a genius engineer believed to have originated from Scandinavia, created 100 artificial intelligences in Mid-2051 and programmed them to continuously replicate to 1500. This was achieved by December of that year, these 1500 Droids were then dispatched for Industrial applications, specifically the transformation of Lodo (London) into a Municipality.

In 2052 The 5000 Droids in existence completed the Lodo Municipality. 4,537,245 humans occupied the city amongst all 5000 Droids. At the end of the same year Droid populations reached 20,000 thanks to the discover of postwar resource deposits in Germany.

In 2053 United (America) began producing its own Droids, practically superior and shockingly easier to produce, the Droid populace reached 30,000 and the construction of United (American) Municipalities commenced. Construction completed in November and the Municipality System was officially recognized as a political entity.

By the 2060s the utopian organization had 16 municipalities, 100 million citizens and 250,000 Droids. In 2066 all postwar factions agreed to allow the construction of Municipalities on all continents, and as many nations without hesitance, this megaproject ended in Late 2073 with the construc


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