The Mystical Artifacts are fictional mystical objects in Creature Planet that can give the user supernatural abilities which are classified into several categories. These were all made from the Creature Planet that were created with body parts of holy or demonic creatures.

Weapon Types

These artifacts are weapons that usually has the primary use of doing damage to the user's opponent.

Attribute Types

These types of artifacts enhances a user's abilities (like strength, speed, senses, etc.) that could increase strength, defense, speed, or accuracy of combat abilities.

Cursed Types

These Mystical Artifacts are made from demonic energy (and sometimes demon body parts) instead of magical energy. These items can give the user strong powers, but all requires a heavy price (usually a part of the user). However if the user gives the artifact a soul (by killing a victim with it) or if the user has a very strong will (usually demons) then the user can still use the artifacts without paying the price.

Counterfeit Types

False types of artifacts that only do a fraction of the real ones and are easier to break.

  • Dash Boots

Other Types

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