Krum Empire

The Krum Empire is an Ancient Empire that ruled Andromeda Galaxy and has gone extinct approximately 65 million years ago. They have wiped out almost all life in the Andromeda Galaxy with many slave races such as the Grideer, Andros and the Slovic race.

Andromeda Empire

The Andromeda Empire is a unification of 3 space-faring Interstellar empires that is the Andros, Slovic and the Mag 'Alui Empire that control approximately 15.33% of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Milky Way Galaxy

This is a mysterious galaxy that is protected by a galaxy-wide undetectable Force Field created by a mysterious race advanced race. The force field appeared approximately 65 million years ago when The Krum Empire decided to invade and colonize the Milky Way galaxy.

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