Nathan Cramer was a very normal high school kid with Charlie Feng as his best friend until the Hoyama cult invaded his apartment building, the Lansing Apartments. He was fifteen.


Nathan enjoyed gelling his hair and reading. Charlie Feng was his best friend since they went into secondary. He was born in New York City, but then at the age of three, his family moved to Detroit. He wasn't good at playing StarCraft and sometimes, he held sleepovers with his friends.

Close Calls

Nathan Cramer ironically could have stopped the massacre if he and his family could have noted the following as suspicious(but that wasn't what normal people would have done)

-the missing chair in the lobby was a murder weapon. The family thought it was a prank by teenagers

-the 'Send Mail' box contained the body of the apartment manager. It wasn't important to Nathan at the time.

-the stains in the lobby was blood. Nathan thought it was an exotic dish that was spilled by a careless resident.

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