Negaton is an elementary particle. It is the carrier of evil and immorality in general.


Negatons are boson with a spin of 666. It is massless, time invariant. It possess a morality charge of -1. The force between negatons is attractive and this result in uneven concentrations of them within The Bulk. Its antiparticle is the posaton.

Negatons are concentrated in sentient beings with a mind lacking morality. Negatons can only exist in universes where morality is physical. In the standard universe, they decay into photons and gravitons.

Negative induction

Negatons generate morality fields which can remove most positive and good thoughts within the minds of a sentient being (inculding A.I.) and induces evil and negative thoughts. Thus an individual exposed to negatons have a higher probability to do evil deeds than those who do not. Exposure to excess negatons result in the individual to lost all good thoughts completely and pose threat to others or The Bulk in general. The effect is reversible if the affected individual is exposed to equal amount of posatons immediately.

Negatons have no effect on non sentient or dead beings.


Negatons are used by dictators or other evil doers to control and torture their victims by removing hope from their minds. They are a important component in psychological weapons which are used to remove the morale of a side in war completely, resulted in automatic surrender.

On the other hand, they are also used by scientist in controlled amounts to study morality and negrepology.

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