Negrepology (Neg: negative, Gre: grey, Po: Positive) is a branch of science that calculates the beneficial and detriminal properties of entities to develop a scale which is used to optimize the use of the entities in a beneficial way.

Laws and theories

Law of Double Edged Sword (First Law)

The Law of Double Edged Sword, aka Law of no Absolute Evil/Good is an empirical Law in The Bulk which states all entities can be misused or utilized to do good or that all entities cannot be morality monopoles. In other words they must have a morality index of zero.

Law of Grey Areas (Second Law)

For any entity, there must exist at least one grey area.

Law of Absolutes (Third Law)

Absolute good and evil, aka morality monopoles, does not follow the first law or second law.

The morality scale


Absolute bad has a utility morality charge of -∞ while absolute good has a utility morality charge of ∞.

Most entities lie between the two extremes.

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