Neuroszars are an artificially-created species using synthetic DNA. Their major trait is the ability to discharge lethal quantities of static electricity from the epidermis of these creatures, utilising the many neurones' impulses to generate the charge they require.


The prototype of these creatures was nothing more than a tissue culture as a proof of concept of the lethality of the charge produced. The 4cm2 sample of tissue was capable of generating 18 milliamps when stimulated. Which is usually far over a lethal charge across the heart for many species on Earth and other planets.

Type 1

The first Neuroszar species produced was a quadrupedal species, a gloomy, dark grey in colour and had a rather heavy build. Two blue eyes, faintly glowing in a pink colour due to its charge generated. The height of the beast was roughly 5 foot to the shoulder and 11/12 foot from nose to tail,

Type 2

The type 2 has always been larger in design, it typically reaches just over 6 foot in height and approximately 13 feet in length. the type 2 also sports heavy and highly resilient natural plating.

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