The new substantive homeworld of the human race, it is located 12.5 light years away from Earth orbiting the star 29 Theta Zebulon. Capital headquarters is located in New Alexandria. Most starships groups are located here.


Human sphere of influence




Epsilon Eridani



Major cities

New Yakaterinberg


Early colonization

Many of the first colony ships to arrive on New Manhatan were solar sail sleeper ships that traveled at 25% of the speed of light which took the ships 40 years to reach the host star. The ships having taken off in the late 22nd or early 23rd centuries.

Upon arrival the inhabitants, a group of 10,000, the planet was seen as 5 degrees colder on average than the planet Earth. The planet is 2 times larger than the Earth, but the gravity is only 1.25g. But harbored breathable oxygen, nitrogen and argon. The planet however, lacked a significant moon, instead was being trailed by 3 captured asteroids.

Recent events

By the 25th century and the abandonment of the planet Earth, New Manhatan has become an oasis, political crucible and a beacon of civilization. It is now seen as "Earth II" by most analysts.
Earth like planet

New Manhatan 2469

New Alexandria (city)

City like Denver, located directly near mountain ranges, urban sprawl, surburbs, desert, forest, beach/river. Multi-leveled and extends across. Surface levels are ghetto-ized, upper levels are for the rich.

Halo counterpart: New Alexandria. (PLUS NEW ALEXANDRIA ON REACH)

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