Nigol Banien Strauss
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

April 14, 2123

Physical Description






Hair Color


Eye Color


Psychic Ability

Can use the Patheon Magicks, but has limited capability for it; needs to use a special gauntlet to protect hand

Personal Information

Terran Council of Lords, Terran Scientific Alliance, New Peacekeepers, Patheon Shamans, The Reformation


Colonel Stietman, Councilor Nuremgard, Dal'Tiri-al Jharim


The Moonraker

Fighting Styles

Peacekeeper Corps Infantry, Outlander Shaman


Soldier, Doctor, Scientist


The Legacy

Political Information
Position / Rank

Corporal of the New Peacekeepers, Head Scientist of the Terran Scientific Alliance's Legacy Branch, Outlander Shaman of the Patheon Shamans, Advisor to the Terran Council of Lords, Reformer of The Reformation movement

Former Affiliation

Saint Damus Hospital

Current Affiliation

New Peacekeepers, Terran Council of Lords, Terran Scientific Alliance, Patheon Shamans, The Reformation

OOC Information


Nigol Strauss, known to the Reformer Patheons as Shek'tal-Mynari (literally meaning Walker of Two Worlds), was a doctor at New Damascus Colony on the planet Freiheim before he was recruited by the Terran Scientific Alliance (or TSA) as a researcher. He had enlisted with the Peacekeeper Corps mercenaries and was one of the renegade Peacekeepers who deserted the corps, due to dissatisfaction amongst the employees. He served the TSA and rose up the ranks before becoming the Head Scientist on their starship The Legacy. His area of expertise was biology, so he was sent to the Legacy to study captured Patheon specimens. After The Siege of the Legacy, Strauss was invited to join the Patheon Shamans as an Outlander Shaman because of his abnormal capability over the Patheon Magicks (most humans are incapable of wielding the Magicks, much less to a skilled degree, as was the case with Strauss). With the Shamans, he discovered a devious plot by Jason van Nuremgard and Markus Stietman, respectively a member of the Terran Council of Lords and a colonel of the Terran Military, working in coordination with the corrupt Patheon government, the Dal'Tiri-al Jharim (literally Highborn Lords) to bring down a secret resistance movement known as The Reformation. With the aid of the Shamans and his New Peacekeeper allies, Strauss worked over several long years before finally decimating the Dal'Tiri-al Jharim and revealing the Councilor and Colonel's plan to the Council of Lords. Hailed a hero, Strauss retired and is currently known to be living in New Damascus Colony.

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