System Nitomia System
Moons 2
Predominant terrain Urban; plains and hills
Population 24.8 billion (2406)
Capital The Imperial City
Affiliation Unity of the Core Worlds
Notable Events
  • Battle of Nitomia

Nitomia was the homeworld of the Nitomians, and the capital of the Unity of the Core Worlds. The planet served as the cultural, economical, political, administrative, and military center of the entire empire. Though among the Unity's most heavily-populated planets - with over 60% of the planet's land mass occupied by urban cityscapes - it was not the most heavily populated overall; that distinction belonged to Draenum II. Nitomia also served as one of the chief shipyard planets of the Unity, and the heavy damage sustained by the shipyards during the Battle of Nitomia severely damaged the Unity's capability to rebuild its navy.

Nitomia was the homeworld of the Nitomians and therefore bore witness to the beginning of Nitomian civilization. Nitomia was - before widespread industrialization and urbanization - a highly fertile planet, comparable to Earth in regards to the wide expanses of hills, forests, and grasslands, with sparse mountain ranges and even fewer deserts. Roughly one-half of the planet's surfaced was covered in ocean and sea water.

During the War of Continuation, Imperial City served as the primary geographical area within the entire Unity that provided military and political centralization of power; over half of the Unity's Naval General Staff were located in the city at any one time during the entirety of the war, and cooperation between the Army and Navy branches was a key concern to high-ranking political officers and other important military servicemen.

The population of the city - over 25 billion - bore witness to the arrival of the entirety of the United Earth Government's front-line navy, which engaged the Unity's Grand Imperial Fleet, which had been tasked with the defense of the imperial capital. When the human warships began to break through the imperial lines, organization broke down when the Evictor-class dreadnought Nitomia's Pride was severely damaged, and Imperial Admiral Horamini gravely wounded; the human ships were thus able to bombard Nitomia from orbit while also heavily damaging the orbital shipyards; an estimated 850 million Nitomians died in the bombardment, and following the UEG fleet's withdrawal back to Earth, an estimated 70% of the Grand Imperial Fleet had been destroyed in the battle. The battle itself served as the conclusion of the First War of Continuation.

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