The war will never end
Hombis Battle Team
Hombis Tongariro
Base Area South Pacific Ocean
Allies Demacia
Enemies and Targets Mauna
Robots 133
War General Tongariro, Ruapehu and Whangarei

Nortea Battle Team is a powerful battle team of robot hombis.


The robots of the North Island of New Zeland are the leaders of the team.


An attack against Mauna (despite their alliance) and Ross is possible. In case of total war: Demacia + Ruvenzori + Nortea + Kaya(655 robots) against Pro-Santorini + The Islands + Mauna + Elbruz + Yama + Varieda + Ross (442 robots), so Nortea would win easily. Even if Auletas and allies fight to support Yama (unlikely), Nortea and allies have 10 robots plus. Anyway, if Auletas joins, Teas and Nevodo would ally to Nortea and Auletas will be easily defeated.

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