Novum Aurora takes place in the distant future an also a future project of a spin-off series of the developing New Genesis Universe.


Hundreds of years in the future where the descendants of the human colonists were stranded in another galalxy and forced to adapt to survive. In this new galaxy they named Novum Aurora in one of their ancient languages meaning New Dawn, creating new civilizations and empires to conqour the stars, forming alliances and new enemies. The story begins on a planet that would one day rise to become one of the greatest empires in the galaxy, from unifing the world to bringing the lost human siblings together to face many challenges in the distant future.



Decendants of humans who fled from the war and became a new race to survive in another galaxy, like their Earth ancestors they formed several clan nations of the Confederacy. Their entire civilization were genetically modified from their human ancestors to survive better on the planets they inhabit.


A race of humanoids who survied a near-extinction from an ancient war thousands of years ago. They are long time allies and friends of the Chadoran Confederavy after aiding them in restoring their species.


Some remnants of the human civilization chose a different path of combining animal DNA from Earth into becoming human-animal hybrids with triats of the species they inherit, most are very similar to humans while the rest have more animilistic traits that resemble some mythological creatures from Earth cultures. They are mostly rivals to the Chadorans after their human ancestors split up upon travelling through the Rift Gates.


An insectoid species intended to expand their hive empire and enemies of the Homo Chimera


An ancient race that were long believed to be a myth or extinct to the native races but have been in hybernation from the previous war.


  • Chaduran Confederacy
  • Val Kitauri Dominion
  • Wraith Empire
  • Akree Hive
  • Brekashu Collective
  • Holy Kimeran Empire

Behind the scenes

This is a future project for the expanision of the New Genesis project of a spin-off series. 

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