Ogre is the first enemy to appear in the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet. He was also a follower of Dr. Brimstone.

Character Outline

Ogre was a large grey humanoid beast with yellow eyes.


Ogre found Nathan Legend as an intruder in the undergrounds caves when he was actually trying to find his father's goggles. Nathan escaped from Ogre by firing an energy blast to blind him and ran away.

Ogre appeared at Nathan's school to get the Energy Gauntlet that Nathan took. He was defeated when Nathan electrocuted Ogre by accidentally firing an energy blast at one of the ceiling lights into a pool while Ogre was swimming it. He was then taken away to a GEM Base for questioning and study.


Strength: Ogre was strong enough to lift and crush some heavy rocks.

Camoflauge: Due to his skin, Ogre can sneak up on victims and capture them.

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