Olson Hale Jr. is an American former NASA astronaut and former fighter pilot for the United States Air Force.

Background and career information

Hale was born in Houston, Texas but raised in the small town of Humble outside of the city. He lived in Florida while his father was training until finally moving back to Texas at the age of six.

Hale is the son of three-time NASA astronaut General Olson Hale, Sr. General Hale participated on the first flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1992. Hale's second mission was on STS-59 in 1994 also onboard the Endeavour. His final mission was onboard 1996 onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. In 1998, Hale Sr. retired from NASA and resumed his Air Force command until retiring at the rank of general in 2011, the only astronaut in history to have achieve a four-star rank.

Hale has never harbored ill feelings toward his father for being away during his NASA and Air Force career. Hale was raised alone by his mother in Texas while his father was away and when his father did return he would make sure to make the most of it. Hale followed in his father's footsteps by joining the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2015.

Spaceflight experience

Hale joined NASA at the end of his eight-year commitment with the USAF, becoming a member of NASA Astronaut Group 25 in 2030.

Hale was apart of the crew of the last ISS expedition in 2034. He like his father, would travel into space three times with NASA. He joined two flights to the Neil A. Armstrong Lunar Outpost and was the final participant for the Wanderer mission to be selected by the World Space Commission.


Hale loves American football; making model rockets, railroads, and spaceships; he has an affinity for auto racing and plays country folk on his guitar.

The crew manual for the Wanderer states that Hale is divorced with two young daughters.

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