General Information






  • English (adopted)
  • Torran
Average Lifespan

135 years

Physical Information
Average Height

5"4 (male) 5"1 (female)

Average Weight

132 pounds (male) 118 pounds (female)

Skin Colors

Dark with orange glowing dots

Hair Colors


Eye Colors

Brown (usually, but there has been recorded blue-eye Org'La)

Abilities Information
Special Attributes
  • Super agile
  • Super smart
Societal Information
Common Affiliations

Solar Republic

OOC Information


The Org'La is a race of super-smart Humanoids that are primarily ship builders.  They are part of the Solar Republic and build most of their ships.  Their homeworld is Torra, a very volcanic planet.


Org'La are smaller then the average human and have dark skin with orange glowing dots on them. They don't have any hair but most of them wear some sort of hat. They have snakelike noses and very sharp teeth. They are very agile and can reach speeds of 37 mph.


Since the beginning of their race the Org'La have been explorers and builders. When they first got the technology for space travel different tribes squabbled over the technology and wars broke out. It is said in Org'La mythology that a savior came out of the clouds and stopped the bickering and taught the Org'La to be at peace with each other. Scientists from all across the galaxy have studied the supposed body of their "savior". It has been confirmed that it was from a extinct alien race called the Wetz. The Org'La became part of the Solar Republic and are close allies to the Humans.

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